ECG 1-3 pistes avec écran. 12 dérivations en acquisition simultané, mode manuel et automatique.

Filtres muscles et anti drift, auto-ajustement, secteur et accus.

LCD DISPLAY 128x64 dots,1 channel in standard or cabrera format HIGH RESOLUTION THERMAL PRINTER (8 dots/mm): hardcopy 1 or 3 channels real time with possibility to print the millimetric grid

EASY PAPER LOADING RECORDING manual or automatic SIMULTANEOUS ACQUISITION of 12 leads MEMORY 10 sec for each lead DIGITAL FILTERS for elimination of muscles tremors, power line and base line disturbs POWER SUPPLY mains and by internal Ni-Mh batteries with high capacity and fast charge time OPERATION VERY SIMPLE through predefined fast keys REAL PORTABLE with small dimensions and very light weight.


POWER SUPPLY: internal rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, 2Ah LINE POWER SUPPLY: 220 V~ ± 10%; 50 - 60 Hz; 150mA max; isolation CL2 B BATTERY AUTONOMY: 3 hours

APPLIED PART: CF type INPUT IMPEDANCE: >100 Mohm FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 0,05: 145 Hz CMRR: >100 dB TIME CONSTANT: >3.2 sec ACQUISITION: 12 bit 800 samples/sec/channel-isochrone LEADS: 12 standard or Cabrera SENSITIVITY: 5 mm/mV; 10 mm/mV; 20 mm/mV ± 5% SCROLLING SPEED: 5; 10; 25; 50 mm/sec SIGNAL MEMORY: 10 sec. for each lead PRINTER: thermal printer 8 dots/mm, paper 58-60 mm. DISPLAY: 3.5" TFT LCD, 128x64 pixels, FILTERS: muscles tremors 35 Hz digital; power line interferences 50-60 Hz digital; high pass 0.5 Hz digital DEFIBRILLATION PROTECTION: internal DISPLAY: 1 channel HARDCOPY: 1-3 channels DIMENSIONS: 190x120x60 mm WEIGHT: 1000 gr CASE: IP 20 OPERATION TEMPERATURE: +10°C~40°C STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -10°C~40°C RELATIVE OPERATION HUMIDITY: 25%~95% without condensation CONFORMITY STANDARDS: 93/42/CEE; EN60601-1;

EN60601-1-2; IEC601-2-25

EN60601-1-2; IEC601-2-25


- Patient cable - Electrodes set - Gel flacon - Paper roll - Power cable - User manual - Carrying case (optional)

Prix : 1190 EUR
Etat : neuf
Disponibilité : disponible sur commande

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