ECG 1- canaux, imprimante haute résolution.

Mode nauel et automatique, mémoire de 10 sec sur chaque dérivations, Image gelée avec mémoire pour revoir. Filtres digitaux, accus et secteur

LCD DISPLAY: 320x240 pixels, 1 or 3 channels in standard or Cabrera format with base line setting HIGH RESOLUTION THERMAL PRINTER: (8 dots/mm): hardcopy 1 or 3 channels real time with possibility to print the millimetric grid

RECORDING: manual or automatic MEMORY: 10 seconds for each lead IMAGE FREEZE: with memory scrolling for reviewing and hardcopy of the acquired signals DIGITAL FILTERS: for elimination of muscles tremors, power line and base line disturbs POWER SUPPLY: by internal Ni-Mh batteries with high capacity and fast charge time OPERATION: very simple through predefined fast keys and menus REAL PORTABLE: with small dimensions and light weight RISC PROCESSOR for a full digital signal processing


POWER SUPPLY: internal rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, 2Ah LINE POWER SUPPLY: 220 V~ ± 10%; 50 - 60 Hz; 150 mA max; isolation CL2 B BATTERY AUTONOMY: 2.5 hours APPLIED PART: CF type INPUT IMPEDANCE: >100 Mohm FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 0.05: 145 Hz CMRR: >100 dB TIME CONSTANT: >3.2 sec ACQUISITION: 12 bit 800 samples/sec/channel-isochrone LEADS: 12 Standard or Cabrera SENSITIVITY: 5 mm/mV; 10 mm/mV; 20 mm/mV ± 5% SCROLLING SPEED: 5 mm/sec; 12.5 mm/sec; 25 mm/sec; 50 mm/sec SIGNAL MEMORY: 10sec for each lead PRINTER: thermal printer 8 pixel/mm, paper 58 mm DISPLAY: 4.7" TFT LCD 320x240 pixels, backlight CFL FILTERS: muscles tremors 35 Hz digital; power line interferences 50 Hz 60 Hz digital; high pass 0.5 Hz digital DEFIBRILLATION PROTECTION: internal REAL TIME CLOCK (INTERPRETATIVE MODEL ONLY) DIMENSIONS: 240x160x65 mm WEIGHT: 1500 gr CASE: IP 20 OPERATION TEMPERATURE: +10°C~40°C STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -10°C~40°C RELATIVE OPERATIONAL HUMIDITY: 25%~95% without condensation CONFORMITY STANDARDS: 93/42/CEE; EN60601-1;


EN60601-1-2; IEC601-2-25


- Patient cable - Electrodes set - Gel flacon - Paper roll - Power cable - User manual - Carrying case (optional)

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Etat : neuf
Disponibilité : disponible sur commande

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